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September 6, 2010

Summer Fun on the Colonial Parkway, Williamsburg, Virginia

The Colonial Parkway provides a number of beach areas on the James and York Rivers where familes and their four legged friends can enjoy a little summer fun.  Both rivers are tidal rivers and have a mix of salt and fresh water known as "brackish."  So, you get the feel and smell of the ocean, a little bit of wave action but, the wooded habitat of most rivers.  The dogs don't seem to care about any of that as long as they have something to chase into the water.


Naturedigital said...

Great place for people and pets to relax.

Caroline said...

What fun. I love hearing about your city. Thanks.

Ginny said...

It looks like the dog is bringing in a big rock, uh-oh, what are the police doing there? Looks like the dogs have uncovered something illegal!! I have never heard of the part saltwater part fresh water beach, I learned something new today! So I guess it would be easier to float?

lewi14 said...

Looks like a lovely place for people and their two legged and four legged friends.

ruthi said...

it does look like a great place to relax and enjoy the last few days of summer.

maiaT said...

Nice place to play even for humans, but without police.
Thanks for the lovely comment on my painting.
Have a great week!

EG Wow said...

It sounds like a fun place to play! I love to see happy dogs!

Paula said...

Cute poochies! It's wonderful that they have a place to play, we can't take our dogs to the beach here. Big fine for that (if you get caught).

Rebecca Mastic said...

Where exactly is this place? I am looking for a place to bring my dog tomorrow, between Richmond and Virginia Beach. Thanks!

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